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Regional Entrepreneurship Championships -

now in the digital universe!

Anyone can come up with a good idea! But... we need practice in acting on and developing the idea–in interaction with the world in which we live.

Train your professional and personal competences–participate in the Regional Championship in Entrepreneurship in April 2020.

Due to Covid-19 Regional Championships is held Digital.


April 24, 2020 | Regional Championships in Entrepreneurship for the Capital Region and Zealand | See you online!

April 29, 2020 | Regional Championship in Entrepreneurship for the Region of Southern Denmark | See you online!

May 5, 2020 | Regional Championships in Entrepreneurship for Northern and Central Jutland | See you online!

How do you participate?

1. You,or your team,have an idea/project/process| Everyone is welcome.

2. You register your team at the registration platform My Page no later than 8. April

3. You work out an 8-page pitch deck and upload it no later than 14. April through the registration platform My Page.

4. You practise giving a presentation of the idea/ project/process in front of a small audience and judges/advisers.

5. You prepare on meeting the judges/advisers for a 10-minuteinterview.

6. You participate virtual in your regional championship in either Odense, Randers or Copenhagen. There will be a programme for the day including networking, guidance and advice and different speakers. You will get a time for your pitch in front of audienceand for meeting the judges/advisers for a 10-minute interview.

7. On the day of the championship, you will log in to the online championship, along with a lot of other students from your region, teachers, judges, experts and facilitators from the Foundation for Entrepreneurship, EY and Resonans.

During the day you participate in: Opening of the Championship by Conferencier David Jul, the Foundation for Entrepreneurship, the judges and our partner EY. See ongoing program updates on facebook.

During the day there is pitch for everyone. Conversation with judges. Meeting with experts and finally there is a winner and recipient of 10,000 DK, based on points awarded by the judges based on activities: Concept description, pitch and conversation with judges. There is also a winner in each category as well as 1-5 teams in addition, all of whom qualify for the Danish Championship on May 27 at Børsen.

8. After the Regional Championships in Entrepreneurship, all teachers with enrolled teams, will receive points and feedback from the judges which can be used for evaluation and reflection on learning.

See how it went down before! This time virtual!

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